Actions from the Crawley & District Tournament 2010


U15 and U13 Boys

The boys started off the day with singles; all four boys in the U15 (Alex Bruce, Patrick Maher, Jon Deans and Nick Weinstein) all got through their qualifying box to proceed to the knock out stage. It was unfortunate that all four boys ended up in the same half of the knock out stage; Alex had to face Nick in Round One and Alex edged passed Nick with a 21-17 win. Alex went on to the quarter finals but even with a lot of very long rallies, his opponent and eventual runner up proved to be more consistent.

Patrick played well and took a hard fought 21-17 win in Round One and faced Jon Deans in the quarter finals; Jon with his usual efficient tactics won the game 21-12 and proceeded to the semi finals against the same player who edged out Alex earlier on; unfortunately Jon's opponent was one of the most consistent player on court on the day. However, it was a very respectable place to end up in a very large draw.

Margaret Raftis winning the Gold in the U15 Doubles and Silver in the Singles at the Crawley & District Tournament 2010In the double, Alex and Jon were the only pair to come out of the qualifying box but got knocked out by a very strong pair in the quarter finals 21-14.

Jonathan Bruce competed in the U13 singles and made light work against all but one of his opponents in the qualifying stage, however he proceeded to the knock out stage as runner up of his group. Jonathan lost to a strong opponent in the quarter finals.

Jonathan partnered with Guy Taylor and again fell to the same quarter final hurdle that seemed to have taken a lot of our boys out.

U15 and U13 Girls

Margaret Raftis and Charlotte Gubby both came out of their qualifying box but they ended up facing each other in the semi finals; they faced each other at the same stage only in February in the Surrey U14 Singles Championships but this time, it turned to Margaret's favour and she proceeded to the finals against her own doubles partner Victoria Kilcran. The finals was a tightly contested game with impressive rallies Tilly Ip winning the Gold in the U13 Doubles and Silver in the Singles at the Crawley & District Tournament 2010between the two; it was fairly equal all the way through but Victoria's aggressive attacking style edged Margaret out in the last couple of rallies the game ended up in Victoria's way finishing at 22-20.

Unfortunately, Charlotte was carrying a cold during the tournament and she had to withdraw for the doubles. However, Margaret and Victoria proved that their partnership was a class above all other pairs and won Gold; only losing eight points in their toughest game.

In the U13 singles, Tilly Ip, Katherine Raftis and Tess Glynne-Jones were the three who came through their groups. Katherine lost to Tilly in the quarter finals and Tess fell victim of a strong Sarah Adams also in the semi finals. Tilly's doubles partner, Freya Hodgson from Sussex, edged Tilly out 15-12 but Freya dispatched Sarah Adams in an impressive final ending at 15-10.

In the doubles, Tilly and Freya didn't let any other pairs take more than 8 points in their path to Gold; Tess and Katherine only won two games out of five but out of the three that they lost, two of them were losing 14-15; including one game against a pair of Surrey county players.


U17 Boys

Kate Watkins and Katie Knight won the Gold in the U17 Doubles at the Crawley & District Tournament 2010It wasn't a good day for most of the boys as Dean Dawson, Phil Elwood and Alex Cloake didn't get past their qualifying groups; however, Jonathan Deans took on the challenge of competing in the U17 section being only an U14 player. Jonathan performed better than his older comrades and proceeded to the quarter finals; however, he was outplayed by physical strength of an older boy at this stage. None of the boys got past qualifying stage in the doubles.

U17 and U11 Girls

Kate Watkins was performing well in the qualifying stage and she was leading the majority of the time in her toughest game against a very strong and experienced Rachel Adams from Sussex; however, perhaps a lack of concentration and unforced errors gave Rachel the opportunity to overtake Kate, taking the game 21-18. This meant that Kate came out as runner up and ended up in the same half as her doubles partner Katie Knight. They met in the quarter finals and Kate was edged out by Katie 18-21. However, Katie took revenge for Kate and beat Rachel 21-12 in the final.

A strong and establish pair, Kate and Katie took Gold in the doubles without much trouble. It was however good to see Margaret (U14) and her partner Rebecca Tung (U15) competing in an age group above and they were one game away from taking Lydia Ip took Silver in the U11 Singles at the Crawley & District Tournament 2010silver, losing 16-21 to Rachel Adams and Chelsea Borrow from Sussex.

The only U11 representing us was Lydia Ip (still only U9); she won five games with impressive scores of 15-3, 15-1, 15-1, 15-3 and 15-2, which took her to the finals against a very tall Lauren Kite from Kent. Being under the spot light on centre court was probably too daunting for the young Lydia, Lauren took the game 15-7 in the final.
A massive thank you to Derek Broom and the team of organisers for a very well run event.