Raftis in Hampshire finals


Margaret Raftis - Finalist in BADMINTON England Hampshire U15 Bronze TournamentMargaret Raftis ended the Hampshire U15 Bronze tournament with a silver medal in level doubles for the first time on Friday.

Margret and her partner Jemma Reddaway from Somerset entered the tournament as a scratch partnership; it took them a few games to get used to playing with each other but they sailed through fairly comfortably in the qualifying stage. Margret and Jemma had to step up their game when facing a much stronger pair from Devon in the semi-final but their controlled game left their opponents grounded in a number of rallies which set them up a meeting with the other finalists from Sussex. Unfortunately, the clever pair from Sussex quickly worked out the holes in the scratch partnership and they managed to exploit some of the weak spots to snatch away the gold medals. Margaret and Jemma should be very proud for their achievement on Friday reaching the final after only meeting each other for several hours. However, the best reward is of course forming friendships through sport!